Fabric Dashboard

The Fabric Dashboard is a central location to store and organize all your digital fabric swatches. You can also use folders to organize your printed fabric swatches.

Fabric Library Panel

The Fabric Library Panel is a panel that will slide out when editing a Color Tag. This panel has 2 tabs: Solids and Prints. The Solids tab is preloaded with the solid color cards of most major fabric manufacturers. The Prints tab is synced with the printed fabric swatches you have saved on your Fabric Dashboard.

Fabric Pull

A Fabric Pull is a collection of solid and/or printed fabric swatches grouped together. Fabric pulls can be curated by yourself or recreated in PreQuilt from another fabric collection.

Fabric Swatch (also Printed Fabric Swatch)

A Fabric Swatch, also called a Printed Fabric Swatch, is a digital image of fabric that can be imported into PreQuilt and applied to block designs in order to preview it. Many fabric manufacturers have digital fabric swatches available to the public on their website.

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