The Dashboard in PreQuilt is the main navigation page for all your custom content. There are currently 5 tabs on the dashboard: Quilts, Blocks, Fabric, Fabric Pull, and AddOns.

-> Quilt Dashboard

The Quilt Dashboard is the home for all your quilts - original quilts and your custom color versions of designer coloring pages. Your quilts can be organized into folders.

-> Block Dashboard

The Block Dashboard is the home for all your quilt blocks - custom blocks, imported blocks from the Block Library, and AddOn Collaborator block libraries. Your blocks can be organized into folders.

-> Fabric Dashboard

The Fabric Dashboard is the home for all your printed fabric swatches. Printed fabric swatches can be imported directly from linked fabric shops, uploaded via your computer or imported as photographs using your smartphone. Your printed fabric swatches can be organized into folders and edited to be optimized for visualizing in your quilt.

See the Help Guide - Using Printed Fabric for instruction.

-> Fabric Pull Dashboard

The Fabric Pull Dashboard is the home for all your fabric collections, or what we like to call Fabric Pulls. Create a fabric pull by grouping solid fabrics and/or printed fabric swatches together. Your fabric pulls can be organized into folders and can be used in your quilts.

-> AddOns Dashboard

The AddOn Dashboard is the home for the quilt layouts and designs that accompany a collaborative AddOn. The associated Addon block library can be found on the Block Dashboard. To unlock an addon, purchase it from this AddOn dashboard.

Default Block Size

The default block size is the universal block size for the quilt grid, which is set in the quilt grid settings. When the default block size is changed, it will effect all cell blocks in the entire quilt grid.

Digital Coloring Page (also Coloring Page)

A digital coloring page (also known as coloring page) is a Market Plan feature that allows your customers to change the colors and fabrics for one of your quilt patterns. This customization only affects their version of your quilt and enables them to preview your quilt pattern in their fabric choices. A call to action button (CTA) directs users to your online store or website to buy the pattern.

Digital Coloring Page Editor (also Coloring Page Editor)

The Digital Coloring Page Editor, or Coloring Page Editor, is a pop up window that will open when creating or editing a PreQuilt digital coloring page. In this window, you can update the quilt cover image, quilt title, quilt description, call to action, and the custom URL for the coloring page. You can also control the visibility settings of the digital coloring page and add it to the PreQuilt Market Page.

-> Quilt Image

The Quilt Image is the cover image for the digital coloring page and will be showcased on the Quilt information tab. It can be either a digital graphic or a photograph of the finished quilt.

-> Quilt Title

The Quilt Title is the name of the quilt. This will be used to identify the digital coloring page.

-> Quilt Description

The Quilt Description is the copy you include to share a little bit about the quilt. This can include the quilt dimensions or something about what makes the quilt unique.

-> Call to Action

The Call to Action button is a dropdown menu where you can select the copy that will direct customers to your quilt pattern content. Options include: Buy the Pattern, Get the Pattern and Learn More.

-> Digital Coloring Page URL

The Digital Coloring Page URL is your custom URL for your digital coloring page. You can customize the last portion of the URL. Usually the name of the quilt is used in the URL.

Digital Design Wall (also Quilt Grid)

The Digital Design Wall (also called the Quilt Grid) is the area of space that contains the rows and columns of cell blocks where you can layout your quilt blocks. Currently, there are 3 different digital design walls: rectangular, on-point, and equilateral triangles.

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