Block Editor

The Block Editor is a separate panel that is used for creating or editing quilt blocks. Within the editor, create and design custom quilt blocks. You can control the dimensions and use grid lines to help align patch shapes.

Block Editor Canvas

The Block Editor Canvas is the area upon which blocks are built and designed. It starts empty (transparent) and shapes can be added onto it to build a quilt block.

Block Library

The PreQuilt Block Library (also called PreQuilt Blocks) is a collection of common, prebuilt quilt blocks that can you imported into your quilt project. This grab and go resource is meant to help you save time, since you do not need to create everything from scratch.

Block Piece

Quilt Block Pieces are the individual shapes that make up a quilt block, just like when piecing a block together. Block pieces represent the size and shape of the finished block and do not include seam allowances or cutting sizes.

Common quilt block piece shapes are located below the Block Editor Canvas and can be used as starting points. Add quilt block pieces to the Block Editor Canvas to create a custom quilt block.

Block Stash

The Block Stash is your personal collection of blocks that you have either created as custom blocks or imported from either the PreQuilt Block Library or from an AddOn Collaborator Block Library. Blocks in your stash can be used in any quilt (while blocks saved only in specific quilts are not saved in your block stash).

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